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1937 - 2021

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FREDERICK AYE was born on 5 October 5 1937 and died on 4 January 2021. He was a people-person, loved to build family linkages, was generous; with his wife, he provided support in cash and in-kind to many people, regardless of whether they were family or not. He loved to learn and was always open to understanding the changing world around him. Having lived through various experiences in a full and varied life, he was firm in sticking to his principles and what he believed in. He also took his worship of God very seriously.



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  1. BKwakyewa - April 11, 2021 reply

    1. Welcome & Introduction Elder Kwadwo Boohene
    2. Opening Hymn SDAH 473 (Nearer my God to Thee)
    (Wo Nky=n Ara Nyame, Wo Nky=n ara)
    3. Opening Prayer Very Rev. Banasco Essiamah
    4. Songs Ministration Church Choir
    5. Biography Family Member
    6. Tributes
    Ÿ Church
    Ÿ Widow
    Ÿ Children
    Ÿ Grandchildren
    Ÿ Hymn Mr. Aye’s favourite
    MHB 602 (Father I Know That All My Life)
    (M’Egya Minyim Me Bra Nyina)
    Ÿ Siblings Emmanuel Obuobisa Ayeh
    Ÿ Friends
    7. Prayer for bereaved family Very Rev. Paul Adu, Jr.
    8. Love Offering Very Rev. K. A. Dickson
    9. Scripture Reading Elder Benjamin Anim
    10. Sermonette Pastor C. K. Boamah
    11. Closing Hymn SDAH 432 (Shall we gather at the river)
    (So yebehyiam asu no so)
    12. Closing Prayer Pastor Ernest Asare
    13. Benediction Pastor C. K. Boamah
    14. Announcements

  2. Elikplim Tutsi Dornor - April 9, 2021 reply

    “God made us for joy. God is joy, & the joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us.” – JPII.

    These words embody the brother, husband, father, friend, uncle and man I came to know and fondly call Mr. Aye as a growing young boy.

    I recall the warmth of his voice as he came by my Dad’s office from the back office from time to time. His warm smiling face was a welcomed break from my monotonous and adventure-filled day from kindergarten and primary school.

    Can’t quite put my finger on it, however as a child, he was a figure larger than life as I looked up to him. His calm demeanor, even-keeled approach to ensuring truth and justice, perceptive personality, or silver-grey hair made him a statesman to a young boy now a man.

    I’ll always treasure his words of wisdom imparted.

    Rest in peace Mr. Aye.

  3. BKwakyewa - April 6, 2021 reply

    VU 82 A Light is Gleaming by Linnea Good
    A light is gleaming, spreading its arms
    throughout the night, living in the light.
    Come share its gladness,
    God’s radiant love is burning bright,
    living in the light.
    When light comes pouring into the darkest place,
    it hurts our eyes to see the glow.
    Sometimes a word of hope reminds us of our fears,
    our memories and tears.
    A light is gleaming, spreading its arms
    throughout the night, living in the light.
    Come share its gladness,
    God’s radiant love is burning bright,
    living in the light.

  4. Maame Serwa - March 25, 2021 reply

    Extremely principled, very kind and always willing to offer guidance. He will be dearly missed.

  5. BKwakyewa - March 14, 2021 reply

    His smile was priceless. — Auntie Mercy Offeibea

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